Consulting Services


We offer advice and consultancy services on a range of trading and financial market related issues including risk; market positioning;structuring trades and investment portfolios; and trader education to hedge funds, investment banks and other professional traders as well as limited consultancy services to retail traders.

We can tailor our consulting services to suit your needs. Our clients have ranged from small hedge funds to large Investment Banks; high net worth investors to derivatives exchanges.


Trader Education

We offer financial markets and trader education course to institutions, professional traders and selected retail traders.


Public Speaking


Renowned for his honest and blunt views, Gary is an ideal presenter for financial and business events. Gary's frank assessment of technical analysis and what he terms 'the financial junk food industry' mean that he can offer a unique experience. As a student of behavioral finance Gary is also keen to explore and explain the topic of how to make better and more rational decisions; a topic that is equally as important for businesses as it is for traders.