An End to the Bull


An End to the Bull  - Cut Through the Noise to Develop a Sustainable Trading Career is Gary's second book.


The book debunks some common trading and investing myths and explains how amateur traders are led astray by poor advice and unreliable analysis and trading techniques.


Gary then takes readers on a step by step guide to developing a sustainable trading career based on 25 years of experience. Find out how the pros gain edge over retail traders and learn to think and trade like the professionals.


As always, Gary writes in a no-nonsense manner and he pulls no punches with criticism of some sections of the financial industry.


A must-read book for new and experienced traders as well as anyone looking to learn more about the trading and investing industry.


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Technical Analysis and the Active Trader



In a landmark book, Gary Norden exposes the flaws and ineffectiveness of technical analysis - one of the most widely used forms of analysis among traders.


Using examples from his own career, studies from respected institutions, and incorporating evidence from behavioral finance, Gary illustrates a clear picture of the limitations of technical analysis while explaining why so many traders are drawn to it.


Bedrock technical analysis assumptions are exposed as little more than poorly performing rules of thumb.


A book that all traders should read.